Fancy that!

Have you heard of The Fancy ? It is officially my favourite new website . Here you'll find a store, blog, magazine and wish list all rolled into one . Everyday a list of crazy , fantastic , wonderful images are posted on it's wall , ranging from ideas for gifts , interior design inspiration , delicious recipes , cultural finds and much much more ! The best thing is that every time you see something that you like you can fancy it so automatically store it within your very own mood board . Each post comes with specific information on each find and/or where to buy it. There is even an iPhone app , great for commutes. So if you are struggling with your christmas shopping this is the place for you . I promise you will fancy the pants off it!

                   Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate Mugs    Brooklyn Treehouse by Alexandra Meyn

Inner Message Ring by Jugyun Yoon

                                 Louis Vuitton Condom                     Cable Knit Blanket

Coffee Hand Lotion for gentlemen from Dan & Dave

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